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We do all types of upholstery and are able to cover any type of furniture for you. We are also able to supply a wide variety of stools which we can cover for you.

How much will it cost?

We charge £30.00 to stretch a tapestry onto a stool top or a drop in chair seat. We can cover your own stool or chair or we can supply a stool for you at an additional cost as set out on our stool prices page.

We are also able to cover other types of furniture. Please contact us (on 01553 340137) to discuss your requirements and for a quote.

Order form

Please send a completed Upholstery Order Form with your order (or the same information in a covering letter).

Examples of upholstery projects

The life of a chair

This customer had two chairs to be recovered. One had already been completed but she needed someone to do the second one for her. We produced the tapestry and carried out the upholstery work.

The original, uncovered, chair as sent to us by the customer The completed embroidery, ready to attach to the chair The embroidery attached to the
chair pad
The completed chair, ready to join its matching pair

Completing a stool

The frame of the stool after the old
work had been removed
The stool frame with padding attached The completed work, ready to be
attached to the frame
The finished stool using the
customer's own furniture

A variety of stools

A finished tapesty ready to be attached
to the customer's own stool
The completed stool with
tapestry attached
A completed piece, using one of the
stools which we supply
A finished stool using the
customer's own furniture