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Our designer produces hand painted canvases from prints, photographs or drawings. Even if you just have a rough idea of what you would like you can simply provide a sketch and we will work up a design for you. If you would like us to work from a photograph we are happy to leave out or alter the background, for example with a plain colour fading to the edges to highlight the subject. All of our designs are prepared by hand; we do not use computers for this highly skilled work.


Our designs take into account the size of the finished design, the count of the canvas you wish to use (number of holes per square inch) and whether you would like to use tapestry wool, crewel wool or silk.


We are able to provide just the painted canvas, a kit including canvas and wools or silks, or a completed piece as you prefer.

We can produce canvases from photos

Every design is unique and everybody's requirements are different so please contact us (on 01553 340137) and we will be happy to talk through your ideas and provide a quote. If you would like to send us your design or photograph please feel free to do so, accompanied by a Design Order Form (or a covering letter containing the same information).

Examples of some projects based on customer sketches
Ring design wedding cushion
Customer sketch

The "ring design" sketch as sent to us by the customer

Stitching complete

Our designer's canvas after being stitched by the customer


The completed canvas following the stretching process

Completed cushion

The made-up cushion ready to be given as a beautiful gift

Customer sketch

The "Zest" sketch as sent to us by the customer

First draft

Our designer's first draft based on the sketch

Painted version

A painted version following customer comments

Completed piece

The completed piece after our stretching process

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