About Us

Sara Barns Needlework is based in South Wootton in North West Norfolk. We have many years of experience in dealing with all aspects and types of needlework from cross-stitch bookmarks for individuals to large tapestry projects for churches and cathedrals.

Our full range of services includes:

Canvas design   We can produce handpainted canvases for you from prints, photographs and sketches
Needlework finishing  We can finish all types of incomplete needlework, or undertake a project for you from scratch 
Stretching  We stretch all finished pieces before framing or making-up 
Framing  We provide a full framing service, including stretching 
Making-up  We will make up all types of work, including cushions, hanging, bell-pulls, rugs, stools and kneelers - we'll quote for anything so if it's not listed, please just ask 
Custom made  We can produce custom made cords and tassels to provide the perfect finish by exactly matching the wools or threads used within your work 
Cushion covers We can make up cushion covers in any size or style required. We also make up pads to fit.