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What types of work can you finish for me?

Our team of skilled needlewomen work to "competition standard" to complete all types of needlework including tapestry, embroidery, bargello, cross-stitch and crewel work. We are able to undertake both new and partly completed pieces of work.

New works may be anything from small pieces of fine needlework to be given as a completed gift, through to large scale projects such as a complete set of church kneelers.


Our finishing service for partly completed works is popular with customers who are no longer able to complete their own sewing, perhaps due to a disability or change of circumstances, or because they have simply grown tired of it. We also complete work which has been received as part of an inheritance.

If we are finishing off partly completed pieces then our team will mimic your style so that the final piece looks as though it has been created by a single needlewoman.

On completion of their work many of our customers also use our making-up service. Please see our making up page for more information about the services that we provide.

I have a piece of work that I would like you to complete. What should I do now?

If we have not previously done any work for you then we would recommend that you start by giving us a call (on 01553 340137) to discuss your requirements and to let us know what you are sending.


We will then need you to post us the complete kit, plus all wools, silks, charts and instructions, together with a completed Finishing Order Form (or the same information in a covering letter). We would recommend that you use Royal Mail Special or Signed For postage services as we cannot accept any responsibility for items that go missing on their way to us.


Once we receive the work we will examine it and contact you within a few days with an exact cost and an approximate time scale for finishing the work. We are also happy to provide advice and suggestions as to the best way to display the finished work.

Can you tell me how much it will cost before I send it?

Whilst we are happy to discuss your work over the phone, and give you a rough idea of the cost, we can only provide a price for completion when we have seen it. However, by way of example a whole standard cushion panel (16x16 inches) on ten count canvas would cost somewhere in the region of £112.

The price for your work will be affected by the fineness of the work, the number of colour changes and how much has already been completed. If you require a making up service we may be able to include the cost of this within the quote depending on the service you want.

If after receiving the quote you decide that you do not wish to proceed, we will return the item to you and the only cost will be the return postage. If you would like us to carry out the work we will require payment of one third of the cost before we start with the balance payable on completion. The completed piece will be returned to you once full payment has been received.


Please refer to our ordering page for more information about our postage costs, our carrier service and how to pay.

How long will it take?

Every piece of work is different but, by way of example, a cushion panel would typically take us six to eight weeks to complete. Once we have seen the work we will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate.


Please be aware that there is often a waiting list, which can make it take longer for us to get your finished piece back to you. If you have an urgent piece we are usually able to put it ahead of other work and we will always meet any deadlines that are agreed. Please do contact us (on 01553 340137) to discuss any particular requirements that you may have.

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Fine stitching
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