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Most of the finished work that we receive is distorted in some way. Before framing or making-up we will always stretch the item and the cost of this is included in our quoted prices. We are also able to provide a "stretch only" service. Please see below for prices.


With many years' experience of stretching needlework we are able to handle even the most difficult pieces and create a beautiful finished item. Our modern methods ensure a straight square finish which evens out slightly untidy stitching.

After stretching, the next step depends on how the completed piece will be used. Where your work is going to cover a stool or chair no further process is required. If your work is being framed it will be mounted onto fine hardboard or card. Great care is taken to stretch the rows of sewing right to the edge of frames or mounts for a perfect finish.


For all other items (such as cushions and wall hangings) the canvas will be dressed with starch on the reverse, similar to the starch used in the original canvas. This gives a smooth effect to the work and ensures that it stays straight and square when it is made up.

Stretching does involve a number of techniques including steam, wetness, heat, tension and fixing. Please let us know if the canvas is aged, the threads are of inferior quality or the canvas has been damaged or repaired (which can be hidden by wool work) as we will take this into account during the stretching process.

A finished piece when it arrives with us
The canvas after stretching
The completed cushion
Stretch only service

We also offer a "stretch-only" service if you want to have your work professionally stretched but you do not require a making up service.

How much will it cost to have a piece stretched?

The price for this service depends on the size of the piece. Please measure along two edges and add together then refer to the list below:


  • 0-12 inches: £12.00

  • 13-20 inches: £14.00

  • 21-28 inches: £16.00

  • 29-36 inches: £20.00

  • 37-44 inches: £24.00

  • 45-52 inches: £28.00

  • 53-60 inches: £34.00

  • 62-68 inches: £40.00


For larger pieces please call for a quote. These prices do not include postage. Please refer to our ordering page for more information about our postage costs, our carrier service and how to pay.

I have an item that I would like stretched. What should I do now?

If we have not previously done any work for you then we would recommend that you start by giving us a call (on 01553 340137) to discuss your requirements and to let us know what you are sending. You will then need to post us the finished piece, together with a completed Stretching Order Form (or the same information in a covering letter). We would recommend that you use Royal Mail Special or Signed For postage services as we cannot accept any responsibility for items that go missing on their way to us.

How long will it take?

You can expect to have the stretched piece returned to you within two to three weeks. However, if you have an urgent piece we are usually able to put it ahead of other work and we will always meet any deadlines that are agreed. Please do contact us to discuss any particular requirements that you may have.

Complete piece
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