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We can make your needlework up into a cushion of any size, including pads, to your requirements. There's no limit to the style of cover: a range of different styles are shown on our cushion prices page. This list is not exhaustive so if you have any special requirements please just contact us (on 01553 340137) to discuss.

Backing fabrics

We would usually recommend high quality cotton velvet to back your cushion as it shows the tapestry to best effect, though silk moirés or linens can also be used.


We are able to supply backing fabric and we stock a huge range of velvet colours. Whilst we stock a smaller colour range for other fabrics we can always supply your needs though please be aware that this may take a little longer. If you know what colour you would like us to match please supply wool or a fabric scrap for us to use, or describe the required colour by reference to a particular part of the design (for example "the darkest green from the leaves"). Alternatively, just leave it up to us and we will ensure that your cushion is beautiful.


If you would prefer to supply your own fabric that's fine but please note that not all materials will be suitable so if you're unsure we would recommend that you discuss this with us first (in particular Dralon and nylon velvet do not work well).

Finishing touches

Cushions can be left plain or finished with a piped edge to match your chosen backing fabric. Alternatively a furnishing cord can be handsewn on. This can be from our stock of machine made cords or hand made using the wool colours from your work. Please see custom made for more information.


We can supply tassels to enhance your cushion. Prices for machine made tassels are shown on our cushion prices page.

Completing the cushion

Every cushion panel is individually stretched and dressed before being made up in your chosen style with a back zip opening to facilitate dry cleaning. A pad of fire-retardant quality polyester will then be made especially to fit the size of the finished cover.


On completion the cushion is steam brushed and packed in protective packaging before dispatch.

Order form

Please send a completed Cushion Order Form with your order (or the same information in a covering letter).

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