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Our Frame Styles

You can choose from our large selection of styles and colours as shown below. We are also able to source special frames at an additional cost if you have something particular in mind. Alternatively we can advise as to the colour and style of frame that we think would suit your particular piece of work.

Please use the links on the left to jump directly to the frames that you would like to look at.

Black Frames

B-1-K B-2-I B-3-F B-4-I

Photo Coming Soon

B-5-H B-6-H B-7-J &B-8-K

Wood Frames

W-1-R W-2-L W-3-R W-4-G

W-5-L W-6-F W-7-G W-8-I

Photo Coming Soon

W-9-E W-10-N WW-11-I W-12-F

W-13-E W-14-L W-15-N W-16-J

W-17-L W-18-L W-19-E W-20-R

W-21-P W-22-G W-23-K W-24-G

W-25-R W-26-N W-27-G W-28-L

W-29-H W-30-R W-31-G W-32-N

Gold Frames

G-1-H G-2-R G-3-F G-4-L

G-5-O G-6-J G-7-M G-8-O

G-9-I G-10-H G-11-M G-12-K

G-13-M G-14-N G-15-M G-16-F

Silver Frames

S-1-G S-2-O S-3-T S-4-G

Photo Coming Soon
S-5-G S-6-H S-7-H

Other Frames

O-1-G O-2-J O-3-H O-4-J

O-5-V O-6-J O-7-F O-8-F